Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Andrew Dougherty

Capital Research is a conglomerate of investment firms that manages assets for institutions around the world. This includes corporations, governments, retirement plans and nonprofit organizations such as endowments and foundations. The Capital Research organization has earned its success from making every decision with the investor in mind. Andrew Dougherty is a China Affairs specialist for the Capital Research firm. One of the most interesting careers I have ever heard of. Andrew's job is to inform investors of China’s political and economic environments. Gaining this understanding is performed by going out to the Chinese people and learning different aspects of industry through a plethora of meetings and site explorations. Once complete, Andrew writes evaluations and generates presentations on which he delivers to the Capital Research group's corporate office and other analysts whom are in demand of this information. Andrew is a huge asset for the Capital Research Corporation as company employees and other investors use his information to make big decisions such as investing millions of dollars in a firm. Furthermore, Andrew is a highly educated well rounded individual whom earned a masters from Cambridge University in London and speaks both Chinese and Russian fluently. I aspire to be more like him in many respects and will keep in touch with Andrew for future advice.

On behalf of Term in Asia 2010, we all wish Andrew Dougherty the best of luck on his future endeavors with the Capital Research corporation!

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  1. I am extremely interested in the workings of the Chinese market. Is there any way I can contact Andrew Dougherty for advise?

    - Joshua Davies
    International Business Major, MI campus