Sunday, July 25, 2010

Olympic Memories

I decided to go to the complex that hosted the 2008 Olympics and see the various complexes that were used for the recent summer games.The architecture of the Beijing National Stadium was quite unique.The nickname of the Beijing National Stadium is the Bird's Nest because of it's outward appearance.There was not a sporting event occurring when I visited so I had the oppportunity to go inside.Some of the structures,banners,and decorations used for the Olympics were still up.I asked an employee at the Bird's Nest if the stadium has seen alot of events since the Olympics and he said that the Bird's Nest has barely gotten any use since the games.The Bird's Nest cost about US $423 million to construct so it's hard to believe that it has not been getting alot of use.After the Bird's Nest I was able to go see The Beijing National Aquatics Center,also known as the National Aquatics Center,and nicknamed the Water Cube.

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